Why $33.67 Helped Me to Master the Science of Compassion, With Much Inprovement needed

  But getting better and better everyday in every way. Walking Between The Worlds, The Science Of Compassion by author Gregg Braden was a book I just recently read and was and still am so moved by the simple, yet powerful message that was revealed within the pages of this most amazing masterpiece, The wording alone spoke volumes about how Gregg uses what he has learned and writes about it in a very informative almost natural way that tells the message without the “blame game” finger-pointing involved with so many other authors out there today. Continue reading

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Just Imagine a World If..

  Just imagine a world if the only rule. cosmic in design, unwavering and unconditional were that for one hour a day, 60 minutes, 3600 seconds each and everyday, every single human soul on this amazingly beautiful planet we all call home, took a “time out” for that one hour without exception and was required to find peace and love within your self for that one hour without any negative feelings taking over. Continue reading

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I Now Have the Opportunity to Master That Which I have Learned, Am I Ready?

    That’s the question running through my mind these last few days, with everything that has seemingly come into being, the question that is being asked of me, I’m I ready? I’m I prepared enough? What is going to happen, and countless other questions that are popping up, yet to be quite frank and honest, there is peace within me saying yes, you are ready. Continue reading

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Why Using Whole Food as the Only Health Insurance I Need, is Both Exciting and Boring at the Same Time.

To me when I started this journey into the weird and not understood world of whole food, like many, I would guess to say, it was not understood, to the point that it was a completely foreign and almost alien world in which I was about to enter. Havering lived most of my life on the SAD diet which means Standard American Diet, you know all those golden arches, the have it your way, the endless pizza places and donut shops and everything in between, this was my life, living from one fast food place to the next was just the way I lived, not even really thinking too much about it, because it seemed everyone else was also doing it, so I was in with the crowd. and loving it. Continue reading

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I Live in My own World Of Illusion,Inside of Me, Where Peace and Harmony are one.

Come my friends enter my world of illusion, where I live inside my beautiful mind, heart and body, with me in control, completely, dreaming of, wondering about, thinking about and bringing about this world which dwells inside of me.

It’s a peaceful place, full of pure, unwavering love for all things here and beyond that is, each and every one of us is at harmony with the whole, being a very unique, one of a kind but all so an important piece, a VERY important piece indeed of the whole. Continue reading

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Self-Care, Self-Education, vs Health (Drug) Care, Western Medical Education , You Decide!

    Lets face the facts, all we hear about today, it seems like is health care this, and health care that and after a while all it sounds like is a constant and consistent noise that sounds like blah, blah, blah after a while. and I have completely tuned it out for in my opinion the thing that nobody is really talking about is self-care and self-education. Continue reading

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